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A Complete Guide to Diversity & Inclusion in The AGE of COVID-19

A Complete Guide to Diversity & Inclusion in The AGE of COVID-19

It does not matter what your role, an executive in the C suite, a manager, team leader a professional in an organization, a business owner or just an individual navigating your professional career you have the power to drive effective change. Influence organizational culture and be a change agent in this. COVID19 environment. Zakiya Mabery’s new book, “A Complete Guide to Diversity, Inclusion, & COVID19 Culture First Edition Workbook.”


Diversity & Inclusion readers will learn about having an inclusive organizational culture in our new normal. There will be over a dozen activities that can be completed independently or as a group. Throughout the workbook the goal is to assist with building a more aware culture.


This vital resource offers a clear understanding of the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA), policies, recommendations, examples for everyone globally to navigate everyday challenges that could be caused by inclusion issues in the workplace. 


Knowledge is power; furthermore, having open dialogues about race, age, gender, disabilities, biases, microaggressions to mention a few topics can aid in empowering while educating. While reading, please understand it is important everyone practices great communicate skills, and recognize the power of actually listening to one another.


Data supports that diverse teams and organizations not only are proven to perform better, but by building an environment where everyone, from an array of backgrounds in which they can bring their authentic self to work AND be accepted is simply right! It is the right thing to do and it’s a great for a healthier bottom line.




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