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Dr. Zakiya O. Mabery 

Dr. Zakiya considers herself a "triple diversity threat," Black, a woman with multiple disabilities. She provides exceptional insights necessary to enhance an organization’s ability to provide a positive social change to itself, its customers and the populations they serve, in her role as a speaker about her lived experiences.

In the fall of 2009, an award-winning documentary “Able and Willing” in which Dr. Zakiya’s life story was told; aired and circulated internationally. In addition, Dr. Zakiya assisted with the development of” Mastering Soft Skills for Workplace Success,” a soft skills curriculum from the Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment (ODEP).

Dr. Zakiya is enthusiastic about influencing the C Suite executes, middle management; as well as employees about diversity, equity and inclusion by concentrating on storytelling and intersectionality.

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